Ivory Cushions for Chiavari Chair
  • Ivory Cushions for Chiavari Chair
  • Ivory Cushions for Chiavari Chair

Ivory Cushions for Chiavari Chair

  • Category:Cushions
  • Material:Polyester with Sponger
  • Color:White,Gold,Silver,Black,Mahogany,Ivory
  • Product Size:L40*L40*H4.5cm
  • Product Manual:Cushions for Chiavari Chair

Chiavari  Chair Cushions:
Chiavari chair foam cushions are thicker than the typical industry standard cushions.  33% thicker than 1.5″ cushions!
Our Velcro cushion straps are wider so they connect to the body of the cushion across a longer area and do not rip away from the cushion body.
We use two lines of stitching to connect the straps further preventing straps that fall off.  Don’t look past our superior cushion details.
Everything we do is above average.
Each cushion supports high quality design and function with its commercial grade polyester material.

Velcro Strap Chiavari Chair Cushion Specifications:

• High Density Foam, Not easily deformed
• Double Piping (both sides of cushion).
• Material: Polyester
• Fits all size Chiavari chairs
• White,Gold,Silver,Black,Mahogany,Ivory colors available.
• Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty
• Easy to clean

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